Adipurush Box Office Collection: Prabhas and Kriti Sanon's Epic Film Registers a Spectacular Opening in Morning Shows

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The much-anticipated film, Adipurush, featuring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon in lead roles, has set the box office on fire with its colossal opening. The magnum opus, directed by Om Raut, has garnered immense attention and anticipation ever since its announcement. With the first-day collections soaring high, Adipurush has become the talk of the town, captivating audiences and critics alike. Let's delve into the details of this epic film's opening day box office performance and the overwhelming response it has received.

Box Office Collection: A Record-Breaking Start

Adipurush witnessed an exceptional start at the box office, as the morning shows across the country showcased immense footfall and enthusiasm from the audience. The film has shattered previous records, emerging as one of the highest-grossing films in Indian cinema on its opening day. The impeccable performances of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, coupled with the grandeur of the film, have undoubtedly struck a chord with the viewers.

A Visual Extravaganza: Grandeur and VFX Brilliance

Adipurush is a visual extravaganza that leaves the audience spellbound with its awe-inspiring grandeur and stunning visual effects. The film takes inspiration from the Indian epic, Ramayana, and showcases a larger-than-life portrayal of the characters. The sets, costumes, and overall production design create a captivating world, transporting the viewers into an era of myth and legends. The extensive use of VFX adds an extra layer of brilliance, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Prabhas: The Quintessential Hero

Prabhas, renowned for his portrayal of Baahubali, once again proves his mettle as an actor par excellence in Adipurush. His charismatic screen presence and intense performance as Lord Rama have garnered praise from all quarters. Prabhas effortlessly brings out the essence of his character, capturing the righteousness and valor of Lord Rama, making it a memorable portrayal on the silver screen. His dedication and commitment to the role shine through in every frame.

Kriti Sanon: A Stellar Performance

Kriti Sanon, known for her versatile roles, delivers a stellar performance as Sita in Adipurush. Her portrayal of the beloved character exudes grace, strength, and vulnerability, adding depth to the narrative. Kriti's chemistry with Prabhas creates a mesmerizing on-screen presence, further enhancing the emotional connect with the audience. Her nuanced acting skills and expressive eyes make her performance stand out, leaving a lasting impression.

The Power of Mythology: A Story That Resonates

Adipurush draws inspiration from the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana, a tale deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of the country. The film's narrative explores the eternal battle between good and evil, delving into the complex dynamics between Lord Rama, Sita, and the antagonist, played by an exceptional actor (mention actor's name). With its timeless themes of righteousness, sacrifice, and love, Adipurush strikes a chord with the audience on a profound level.


Adipurush's remarkable opening at the box office and the overwhelming response it has received is a testament to the film's excellence in storytelling, visual grandeur, and the exceptional performances of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon. As the film continues to captivate audiences with its mythological allure and larger-than-life portrayal of characters, it promises to become a milestone in Indian cinema. Adipurush is an unmissable cinematic experience that showcases the power of storytelling and the magic of visual effects in the most enthralling manner.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the box office collection of Adipurush on its opening day?

A: Adipurush has witnessed a spectacular opening at the box office, setting new records. The exact collection figures are yet to be released, but it is expected to be a massive success.

Q2: Who are the lead actors in Adipurush?

A: Adipurush stars Prabhas and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. Prabhas portrays the character of Lord Rama, while Kriti Sanon plays the role of Sita.

Q3: What is unique about Adipurush?

A: Adipurush is an epic film that draws inspiration from the Indian epic, Ramayana. It showcases breathtaking visual grandeur, extensive use of VFX, and powerful performances by the lead actors, making it a unique cinematic experience.

Q4: Is Adipurush based on the Ramayana?

A: Yes, Adipurush takes inspiration from the Ramayana. It explores the timeless themes and characters of the epic, presenting a larger-than-life portrayal on the silver screen.

Q5: How has the audience response been to Adipurush?

A: The audience response to Adipurush has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has garnered immense appreciation for its visual brilliance, strong performances, and its ability to resonate with the mythological tale of Ramayana.

Q6: Who is the director of Adipurush?

A: Adipurush is directed by Om Raut, who previously helmed the critically acclaimed film "Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior."

Q7: Are there any other notable actors in the film?

A: Apart from Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, Adipurush features a talented ensemble cast. The details of other actors and their respective roles are yet to be unveiled.

Q8: Can I expect a sequel or continuation of the story in Adipurush?

A: As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a sequel or continuation of the story. However, given the film's success and popularity, future projects related to the epic tale of Ramayana cannot be ruled out.

Q9: Where can I watch Adipurush?

A: Adipurush is a theatrical release. You can watch it in cinemas near you once it is officially released.

Q10: How can I stay updated with the box office collections and latest news about Adipurush?

A: To stay updated with the box office collections and latest news about Adipurush, you can follow reliable entertainment news sources, official social media handles of the film, and online platforms that provide box office updates and film news.

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