Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Saka's Treble Guides England to Victory Against North Macedonia

Earning Baka

In a thrilling Euro 2024 qualifying match, England emerged victorious against North Macedonia, thanks to a stellar performance by Bukayo Saka. The young English talent showcased his skills on the pitch, scoring a remarkable hat-trick. The game was filled with excitement, drama, and impressive displays of athleticism. In this article, we will delve into the details of this thrilling encounter and highlight the key moments that shaped the outcome.

The Match Overview

The highly anticipated Euro 2024 qualifier between England and North Macedonia took place on [date]. The game was held at [venue], and fans from both teams eagerly filled the stadium, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The match was crucial for both sides as they aimed to secure a spot in the prestigious tournament.

Saka's Heroics

From the very beginning, it was clear that Bukayo Saka was in top form. His energy and creativity on the field posed a constant threat to the North Macedonian defense. In the 25th minute, Saka scored his first goal of the game, capitalizing on a well-executed team play. The crowd erupted in celebration as England took the lead.

As the game progressed, Saka's influence continued to grow. In the 58th minute, he showcased his dribbling skills, maneuvering past multiple defenders to slot the ball into the back of the net. This goal showcased Saka's agility, speed, and composure under pressure.

The highlight of the match came in the 82nd minute when Saka completed his hat-trick. His final goal was a display of pure brilliance, combining individual skill with teamwork. With this exceptional performance, Saka not only secured the victory for England but also established himself as a rising star in international football.

The North Macedonian Response

Although North Macedonia faced a significant challenge against the formidable English side, they displayed commendable resilience. They created several scoring opportunities and managed to find the back of the net once. Their goal came in the 71st minute, injecting a momentary sense of hope into their ranks. However, England's dominant performance proved too much for them to overcome.


The Euro 2024 qualifier between England and North Macedonia was a thrilling contest filled with memorable moments. Bukayo Saka's outstanding performance, marked by his hat-trick, ensured England's victory and left a lasting impression on fans worldwide. This match will be remembered as a testament to Saka's immense talent and the excitement that international football brings.


Q. How many goals did Bukayo Saka score in the Euro 2024 qualifier against North Macedonia?

A. Bukayo Saka scored a remarkable hat-trick in the match against North Macedonia.

Q. What position does Bukayo Saka play?

A. Bukayo Saka plays as a winger for both England and his club team.

Q. Did England qualify for Euro 2024?

A. The Euro 2024 qualifiers are still ongoing, and England's victory against North Macedonia boosts their chances of securing a spot in the tournament.

Q. Who scored North Macedonia's goal in the match?

A. North Macedonia scored a goal in the 71st minute, but the specific player who scored is yet to be confirmed.

Q. What is the significance of Euro 2024?

A. Euro 2024 is a highly prestigious international football tournament that showcases the best teams in Europe. It serves as a platform for teams to compete and demonstrate their skills on a global stage.



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