Golden Knights Celebrate Stanley Cup Victory with an Epic Boozy Tradition

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In an unforgettable moment that will be etched in the memories of fans and players alike, the Vegas Golden Knights took their jubilation to new heights after clinching the coveted Stanley Cup. Capturing the spirit of victory and camaraderie, the team celebrated in style, dousing their captain, Mark Stone, in a cascade of booze. This unique tradition has become synonymous with the Golden Knights and is a testament to their passion, teamwork, and unwavering dedication. Join us as we delve into the electrifying atmosphere of this post-championship celebration and explore the essence of the Golden Knights' triumph.

The Intoxicating Triumph:

On June 14, 2023, the Golden Knights cemented their place in hockey history by capturing their first-ever Stanley Cup. Their journey to the top was an arduous one, characterized by grit, determination, and an unyielding spirit. When the final buzzer sounded, signaling their victory, the players erupted into a frenzy of joy and excitement.

Amidst the thunderous cheers and exhilarating chants from the crowd, the Golden Knights gathered around their captain, Mark Stone, ready to partake in a beloved tradition. As a symbol of their collective achievement, the players showered Stone with a cascade of alcohol, marking him as the centerpiece of their triumph.

The Origins of a Tradition:

The tradition of dousing the captain in booze dates back to the inception of the Vegas Golden Knights. Originating from their inaugural season in 2017, it quickly became a rallying cry for the team. Inspired by the great hockey traditions of the past, the Golden Knights embraced this unique celebration as a way to solidify their bond and honor their leader.

While the exact origins of this tradition remain elusive, it is reminiscent of the time-honored practices seen in other sports, where champions are often showered with champagne or beer. The Golden Knights, however, have put their own twist on this ritual, using an assortment of alcoholic beverages to celebrate their victory.

A Symbol of Unity and Triumph:

The act of dousing their captain in booze encapsulates the unity and indomitable spirit that fuels the Golden Knights. It symbolizes the collective effort, sacrifice, and unwavering determination that each player embodies throughout the season. It's a moment where individual egos fade away, and the team emerges as the true victor.

As the liquid cascades over Mark Stone, it serves as a reminder that success is not achieved alone. Every member of the Golden Knights, from the coaches to the support staff, has played an integral role in their journey to the pinnacle of hockey glory. The tradition of dousing their captain becomes a symbol of gratitude and respect for the entire team.

Looking Ahead:

The Golden Knights' victory and the ensuing celebration mark a turning point for the franchise. It cements their status as perennial contenders and reinforces their place in the hearts of their fans. The tradition of dousing the captain in booze will undoubtedly continue to be an enduring symbol of their triumphs for years to come.


The Vegas Golden Knights' tradition of dousing their captain in booze after winning the Stanley Cup is a fitting testament to their unity, resilience, and unyielding spirit. It is a tradition that exemplifies the essence of team sports—a reminder that success is achieved through collective effort, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication.

As we witness the culmination of another thrilling NHL season, we can only imagine the pride and joy that engulfed Mark Stone as his teammates showered him in celebration. The Golden Knights' unique tradition has left an indelible mark on hockey culture and will forever be cherished as a symbol of their triumph.

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